Dear Member,

As you know, we have been on a learning curve in relation to our Club’s activities during lockdown. We held a review meeting yesterday and, based on feedback from our members and our own discussions, we will be proceeding as follows:

From Tuesday 21st July it will no longer be necessary to pre-book courts on Tuesdays and Saturdays (Club Days). Instead, you will be required to register your presence with the supervising Committee member on arrival, who will make a written note of your name and time of arrival at the Club, and this information will be passed to the Hon Secretary for the purpose of contact tracing only.
As there may be some members who are reluctant as yet to engage too much with others on busy days, pre-booking of courts will continue for Wednesdays and Sundays (Practice Days), preferably using What’s App (087-6437374),but if that is not available to you, Bernie will take email bookings on amberson25@hotmail.com.

We ask also that you bear in mind the large number of players we have during July and August and limit your bookings so that all members get an opportunity to play.
Access to the Clubhouse and its facilities cannot be permitted for the foreseeable future, nor will benches be available, so please continue to arrive ready for play and perhaps bring your own chairs for rest periods. We ask ALL our members to continue to strictly observe the Social Distancing requirements and to use the Hand Sanitisers readily available at the entrances to all our courts.

All of the above measures have been carefully considered and whilst we know that members are very keen for a return to our old more relaxed ways (and Tea Days), it is vital that we protect ourselves and each other until such time as it is absolutely safe to lift restrictions.

Thank you sincerely for your cooperation up to this point. It is in your interest to do all you can to allow us keep our Club open, so please continue to work with us and we will keep you informed throughout the season.

Kind Regards.



The Defibrillator and the First Aid Kit are located inside the Disabled Toilet Area.